Bud Selig Hasn't Moved on Rangers Sale, But He Does Get Award Named for Taylor Hooton

Well, just because I keep Major League Baseball's press-release page up-and-at-'em at all times, and I just noticed this: MLB commish Bud Selig was just presented the first-ever Taylor's Award -- so named for Plano West Senior High School baseball star Taylor Hooton, whose suicide in July 2003, at the age of 17, his father Don blames  in large part on Taylor's use of steroids. Don, founder of the Taylor Hooton Foundation, is up in NYC at the owners' meetings to present Selig with the award; says Hooton, Selig "has been the single largest supporter of the Foundation's efforts to educate young people about the dangers of appearance and performance-enhancing drugs."

Of course, you probably wanna know when Selig's gonna move on seizing control of Your Texas Rangers in order to finish up the sale to Chuck Greenberg. Like I wrote yesterday, it doesn't seem likely to happen this week. All Selig will say is "It needs to be done expeditiously" and "we'll let human events determine" when it gets done. As opposed to robot events.

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