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Can Michael Young and Your Texas Rangers Reconcile This Mess?

When one party wants out, relationships are difficult to salvage. For now, Michael Young wants a divorce and the Texas Rangers are desperately seeking a lawyer to foster the proceedings.

But what if it can't happen before next weekend and Young reports to Surprise, Arizona for spring training? This could be one of the messiest springs in the history of the organization, with the long-time face of the franchise seething and stewing and wanting out on a daily basis.


But then again, we've been down this road before.

Two years ago the Rangers asked Young to move from shortstop - where he was coming off a Gold Glove season - to make room for Elvis Andrus. Young's reaction?

Trade me.

General manager Jon Daniels in 2009: "I still believe there is a likelihood that we can come together on this and put it behind us, We want to have further discussions with Mike and talk to him about it. We're all preparing for Michael to be an integral part of our team going forward. That's how we're preparing and that's my expectations."

Daniels in 2011: "We will walk down the path and see if there's something that can satisfy all parties. If not, we'll put the club together with the idea of Michael playing a key role on the team and we're still prepared for that."

Ring a bell?


While the Rangers are working with the eight teams that are listed as approved destinations for Young per his contract, I don't see any of them as a good fit. I'd be shocked if Young didn't chill, swallow some pride, realize that $16 million is a lot of money, Texas is a good team and report to camp and return to the role he's served for this organization for a decade now.

Daniels was asked last week if he thought the relationship was fixable. "I would hope so."

For now Young and the Rangers are amicably co-habitating, operating purely as business partners trying to make the best of a bad situation. Perhaps, as in 2009, a reconciliation will occur.

Meanwhile, is Young becoming another Greg Ellis? A good player, reliable team spokesman and great role model who almost annually bitches about a position change or perceived insult?

Feels like it.

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