Can't Wait to See the New Guy at American Airlines Center Tonight

Peja Stojakovic? Sure, he'll help the Dallas Mavericks. With the way their offense has bogged lately anyone that can shoot is going to be a bonus.

But he's a small, perhaps minuscule step in the right direction. He's no solution. No final piece to the puzzle that is currently scattered all over the table.

Stojakovic is no reason for an audible buzz at American Airlines Center tonight. That would be prompted by the most exciting rookie to splash into the NBA since ...

Michael Jordan?

Former Oklahoma Sooner Blake Griffin is the Rookie of the Year. He's an automatic double-double. Without a consistent jumper outside 15 feet, he scored 47 points in a game last week.

But mostly, thanks to acrobatic, jaw-dropping dunks in a league where if you've seen one dunk you think you've seen them all, he's done the impossible ...

Turned the Los Angeles Clippers into a must-see ticket.

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