Carla Ranger Would Prefer DISD Not Spend $300,000 Printing, Mailing Its Newsletter

Earlier this week, the recently formed Dallas Friends of Public Education PAC announced its endorsements for the Dallas Independent School District Board of Trustees: Dr. Kyle Renard (District 1), Bruce Parrott (District 3) and Bernadette Nutall (District 9 ... no, different District 9). The special election, which pits those candidates against these incumbents and comers, is November 3, of course -- thanks, in large part, to trustee Carla Ranger's forcing the issue with the Texas Attorney General's Office beginning late last year.

Ranger now has another concern with the election: the district's proposal, up for vote today, to spend $300,000 mailing its Dallas ISD Newsline good-newsletter to "all registered voters in each District." In the past, Ranger wrote last night on her blog, 10,000 copies of the newsletter were dispersed in each district, and she's concerned that the change in plan will violate the section of the Texas Election Code that prohibits "spending or authorizing the spending of public funds" for political advertising, since the newsletter prominently features a trustee in a two-page spread. Writes Ranger, "Trustees should not approve printing and mailing the Newsline in its present format and as proposed to voters only. The Dallas ISD Board should not appear to violate guidelines of the Ethics Commission and the Texas Education Code."

She doesn't say whether the fall newsletter, which would go out in October, features either Edwin Flores or Leigh Ann Ellis, the incumbents running for re-election. But maybe that's beside the point. Because, well, it is available online, and kids could just take copies home to the folks. And, as Ranger writes, why even bother with the thing in the first place when trustees acknowledge that, yeah, they still have stacks of the June newsletter sitting in the garage.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.