Carlos Quintanilla Isn't Booing. He's Just Yelling, "Loooouuuuuuuu!"

It's very hard to turn down an invitation to La Calle Doce in Oak Cliff, but, alas, a movie screening will have me otherwise occupied at 1 p.m. Anyway, here's what will go down: Carlos Quintanilla has decided to join the list of Hispanic activists calling for the head of CNN's Lou Dobbs, whose "angry, irresponsible language ... is fueling violence against our community and promotes the discrimination seen recently in Farmers Branch," says Quintanilla in the press release announcing today's event.

Calling for CNN to dump Dobbs is a trend sweeping the nation, and the afternoon's Accion America-sponsored event (which promises appearances by "allies and leaders of Dallas' Latino Community," not to mention T-shirts) will formally announce the launching of BastaDobbs.com. (Which happened a month ago, but still.) Maybe I can get Feldman to go. Note to self: See if she'll bring back a filete a la parrilla.


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