Carpenter for Barron: One Man's Trash is Another Man's ... Trash?

The Dallas Cowboys finally admitted Monday what we've all known for years: Bobby Carpenter is a blonde bust.

Drafted 18th overall in 2006 before stars like Antonio Cromartie and Joseph Addai (thank you, Bill Parcells), Carpenter never carved a niche in Dallas. Too slow to play outside in the 3-4. Too finesse to play inside. Too mediocre to play anywhere but special teams, really.

Give owner/GM Jerry Jones credit for finding a taker, as the Cowboys swapped Carpenter for St. Louis Rams' offensive tackle Alex Barron.

In St. Louis, Barron is Carpenter. First-round pick who never lived up the hype. Last year, for example, he was called for 14 penalties and surrendered seven sacks. He might provide veteran insurance depth. Best-case scenario: He pushes Doug Free in training camp.

The real victory though, is getting rid of Carpenter. Come to think of it, I would've traded him for almost anybody named Alex ...

Alex Rodriguez (Douche bag)

Alex Ochoa (Baseball player)

Alex Baumann (Olympic medalist swimmer, circa 1984)

Alex from Stroh's (Cool dog)

Alex Trebec (Answer in the form of a question, always)

Alex Karras (Monday Night Football, circa 1974)

Alex Ovechkin (Hockey dude)

Alex Corretja (Tennis player that lost to a vomiting Pete Sampras)

Alex Connell (Hockey Hall of Fame)

Sir Alex Ferguson (Manager, Manchester United soccer club)

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