Carrollton-Based Christian P.R. Firm Sues Carrie Prejean in Denton County Court

Dunno how we missed this one, but on Friday, Courthouse News posted a lawsuit filed in Denton County District Court on March 18, in which A. Larry Ross Communications alleges that the Miss USA 2009 first runner-up didn't pay up after the P.R. firm guided her through that rough patch following her beauty pageant dust-up. You remember, right? Barely, I know. Had to do with Carrie Prejean's answer to Perez Hilton's question about whether or not she supported same-sex marriage. When she said she most definitely did not, in flooded the interview requests from those who did and most certainly did not like her answer.

At that point, she hired A. Larry Ross Communications to help her with her new-found fame as "a distinctly Christian celebrity," as U.S. News & World Report put it on April 27, 2009, when reporting that she'd hired the firm that had been profiled in The New York Times Magazine three years earlier. But the firm now alleges in court docs that Prejean and her people have balked on ponying up $64,857 in services -- which, according to the suit, included "extensive interview training at ALRC's office in Denton County, Texas, during which ALRC's representatives brokered a conference call with Donald Trump ... and confirmed a joint press conference with Trump and the pageant officials on May 12, 2009."

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