Hope Hicks spoke at a Trump rally in Mobile, Alabama, in December 2016.
Hope Hicks spoke at a Trump rally in Mobile, Alabama, in December 2016.
Basket of Deplorables via Youtube

5 Actors Who Should Play Hope Hicks in the Inevitable Fire and Fury Adaptation

The world learned Thursday morning that journalist and author Michael Wolff has sold the TV rights to his searing, maybe factual, exposé of the Trump administration, Fire and Fury, for more than $1 million. For that kind of money, one can expect an A-list cast.

Philip Seymour Hoffman would have made a great Steve Bannon, but he's dead, much like Bannon's political career. That leaves Bill Murray, natch. But what about Hope Hicks, the Trump confidant and White House communications director from Southern Methodist University, whom Wolff claims Trump called a "piece of tail?" We have some thoughts. Here are five actors who could play Hicks:

1. Amanda Peet: best known for starring roles in The Whole Nine Yards and the HBO series Togetherness

Amanda PeetEXPAND
Amanda Peet

2. Keri Russell: bonus points for her ongoing role as a Russian spy in FX's terrific The Americans

Keri RussellEXPAND
Keri Russell

3. Alexandra Daddario: has appeared in FX's American Horror Story and season one of HBO's True Detective

Alexandra DaddarioEXPAND
Alexandra Daddario

4. Lake Bell: featured in Boston Legal and HBO's How to Make It in America

Lake Bell

5. Allison Williams: bonus points for being the daughter of Brian Williams, one of the United States' finest purveyors of fake news

Allison WilliamsEXPAND
Allison Williams

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