CBS Wishes Neimans a Happy 100th

CBS Wishes Neimans a Happy 100th

CBS Sunday Morning was in town to profile Neiman Marcus, just in time for the holidays -- specifically, its 100th Anniversary Christmas Book, which, this year features, among other high-priced items, a private concert (hosted by Regis Philbin) and the Triton 1000 submarine for a $1.44 million. (And, yes -- just look under your tree.) Also receiving heavy mention in the piece was Neimans spokesperson Ginger Reeder, who, turns out, does indeed choose the gifts for the fantasy section of the book -- in addition to handling duties as the company's corporate communications honcho.

She's been picking the fantasy gifts for 11 years, she tells Unfair Park this morning: "That's my fun job." And the best part of a high-profile profile like yesterday's, she says, is not only does it provide terrific PR for Neimans, but "in terms of the Christmas book, people will come out of the woodwork starting today and say, 'Do I have a great fantasy gift for you,'" Reeder says. "And this encourages me, to see there are plenty of crazy people out there making extravagant gifts." --Robert Wilonsky

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