Charlie Sheen, Mark Cuban and Jimmy Kimmel. Surely You Too Have Had a Dream Like This.

Sure Sign No. 4,928 that a celebrity's "breakdown" is a bit: He interrupts a celebrity guest's late-night chat-show appearance to shine the spotlight on himself for a while by acting "crazy" while simultaneously hawking an entire catalog's worth of product and upcoming appearances on the concert-tour circuit. Which is what happened last night during Jimmy Kimmel Live: Mark Cuban was on talking about the Dallas Mavericks, Shark Tank and the kind of people who use his email address when, toward the end, Charlie Sheen dropped by.

Kimmel seemed surprised -- by that kiss on the lips especially. Cuban? Not so much, given the fact the Mavs' owner said he'd been to Sheen's house earlier that day, no doubt to discuss that would-be HDNet remake of Two and a Half Men starring Sheen, Joaquin Phoenix and the ghost of Andy Kaufman. The three-parter follows.

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