Children's Medical Center Soon To Envelop All of Plano

No doubt the esteemed "Dr. D" knows about this, but I had no idea, till making my daily jaunt down, that Children's Medical Center had such ambitious goals for its new Plano campus, which is taking shape in phases and stages (a very underrated Willie Nelson album, by the way). It's a rather lengthy piece about the "155-acre foothold" planned for Plano -- "a northern tier city with one of the fastest-growing 'under-18' populations in the nation" -- but here's the top-of-the-fold highlight.

The board of Children's Medical Center Dallas has hired FKP Architects Inc. of Houston to develop a plan that, if it comes to fruition, could add high-demand specialties like a pediatrics nursing school, research facilities, school of allied health, school of pharmacy and therapeutic aquatics or equestrian centers to the under-construction campus, which has three-eighths mile frontage along Preston Road and one-quarter mile along Hedgcoxe Road. The master plan is to be done by June so it can be reviewed and ready to go to the board in September, Lou Saksen, vice president of facilities for Children's Medical Center Dallas, tells

Says the VP of facilities for Children's Medical Center Dallas, "These are dreams right now." No need to keep 'em small. --Robert Wilonsky

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