City Auditor: Some Dallas Businesses Sending Sales Tax Out of Town

Seems odd how that would happen -- local businesses turning over their tax dough-re-mi to neighboring municipalities. But, sure enough, an audit released this morning reveals that 72 unnamed Dallas-based businesses are "incorrectly remitting sales tax" to neighboring burgs. But the city doesn't know quite how that's happening -- or what the fiscal impact is, since the city doesn't have access to the sales tax figures. Which is why, says the report, "On May 30, 2008, information on the 72 businesses was referred by the City Auditor’s Office to the State Comptroller’s Office (SCO) for their evaluation." The city will have to wait till the comptroller's office gets back to it before issuing a final report. No doubt, the missing dough will pay for the convention center hotel and the Trinity River toll road and cover the DISD budget shortfall, so, good news. --Robert Wilonsky

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