City Auditor to WRR: You Win.

In April 2005, an audit off city-owned WRR-FM (101.1) revealed that the station had plenty of problems -- chief among them, employees were receiving way too much in commissions; the station wasn't very good at collecting late payments; and too much money had been doled out to former employees, who weren't likely to pay it back. Today, the Office of the City Auditor released its follow-up report, in which Craig Kinton notes that seven of the original nine recommendations made in '05 haven't been implemented by WRR management, including the collection of $89,683 the auditor concluded in '05 was overpaid to general manager Greg Davis, of whom Schutze is actually a very big fan.

You can read the entire follow-up here, but it sounds like the city auditor's going to stop trying to hold WRR to standards applied to other city entities: "As a radio station, WRR-FM operates according to industry standards that are not always consistent with City directives. Management has accepted the risks associated with not implementing these recommendations. The City Auditor's Office will not conduct any further follow-up on these recommendations, but will consider the risks in determining future audit coverage as part of the annual revue plan." In other words: We surrender. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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