City Bid Documents Provide More Detailed Look at the State of Dallas Farmers Market

Back to the Dallas Farmers Market again. But only because

following our discussions on Friday

, the city posted to

its official up-fer-bids website

further addenda concerning the physical and fiscal shape of the market after some folks interested in taking the market out of the city's hands had further questions.

Among their queries: How's the market presently operated (or, who answers to whom -- and how much are they presently paid)? And: How much empty space is there in Shed 2, and what is rent in there, anyhow? And: How big a piece o' property we talking about, exactly? And: What kind of shape are those sheds in (all save Shed 2 are in "overall fair condition")?

I grabbed the docs off the city site, and they follow. Among the revelations: The city says there are 62 available stalls in Shed 2, recently overhauled by the city for $3.2 million. Eighteen are presently filled.

DFM Employee Organizational Chart DFM Shed 2 Rental Space Detail DFM SQFT Building Map DFM Building Condition Report

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