City Can't Tell How Much Dallas Summer Musicals Owes for Fair Park Parking

This morning, Frank Librio at Dallas City Hall sends word: City Auditor Craig Kinton has wrapped his look-see at parking revenues from Dallas Summer Musicals' productions at the Fair Park Music Hall. And there's one major problem: For the last couple of years, the city didn't have any idea how much it's owed. Why not? Because the city, which now charges $10 per parking space at Fair Park, doesn't get its money directly from Dallas Summer Musical Management Group Inc. Instead, DSM pays Parking Company of America, which then does its own calculations and turns over to the city what it says is due.

For whatever reason, when the city negotiated its contract with DSM, it didn't put in there provisions that would allow the city to monitor DSM event parking operations. And: It didn't give Fair Park's business office access to DSM's "parking revenue support documentation." In other words, the city's been relying on the honor system. The audit says there will be changes made, some beginning last month and others beginning in September.

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