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City Hall Goes Golfing, DART Wants it Both Ways, Gators Haunt the Trinity: The News Week in Review

We know you're busy. So here's a roundup of the Observer's news of the week.

City Hall Shoehorns the Byron Nelson Venue Change Into Its Grow South Gentrification Plan
A two-pronged pincer maneuver of rolling gentrification is underway in both southwest and southeast Dallas, and this week's announcement of a golf tournament fits nicely into the plan. Even if City Hall had nothing to do with it.

Why DART's Support for Both D2 and the Cotton Belt Could Threaten Both Projects
By lumping these two projects together and pursuing them at the same time, the city's cost of borrowing could spike.

Yes, You Probably Still Need an ID If You Want to (Totally Legally) Vote In Texas
The rules surrounding voting are as clear as mud, so we clarified some details. 

SWAT Stakes Out and Kills a Suspected Pimp Outside a Carrollton Motel
Hear how Sgt. Caleb West and Malcolm Hickson's paths crossed in a fatal encounter this week, and the varying reactions to Hickson by teenage women police say he exploited.

Horse's Mouth

Counting Corpses
Dallas Animal Services announced its new daily report stating the inflow and exit of animals in the city's shelters. We appreciate the transparency but fear the pace of euthanasia will cause debilitating depression. 

Getting the Weather Right
The National Weather Service sets us all straight, so when someone says there won't be snow this winter, you can be the know-it-all in the room. Right? Right!

Weekly Schutze

"Our mayor personally lobbied the federal government two years ago not to make Dallas build affordable housing. Think what 30,000 affordable housing units, if they were on the ground now, would mean for the thousands of families in southern Dallas who live in shabby houses that have no curb appeal."

— From Jim Schutze,  "Meet the Real Slumlord in This Ugly Picture — Mayor Mike Rawlings"

Parting Shot

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.