City Hall Wants You to Know: It's Got that Whole Cabbie Strike Thing Covered Tonight

Not sure how much longer I'm here today -- still need to head out and stock up on celebratory shotgun shells and kegs of Natural Ice, and I'm guessing most of you are in the same solar-powered water taxi. Still, there is some remaining bidness to wrap up, such as ... City Hall's closed till Monday, but spokesman Frank Librio just forwarded a memo Assistant City Attorney A.C. Gonzalez sent to the mayor and council concerning that cabbie strike planned for tonight.

Writes Gonzalez:

In order to ensure appropriate ground transportation services are provided to the traveling public, we are preparing to implement the contingency procedures we used successfully for the Sept. and Oct. 4 strikes. Those procedures include handing out an information sheet to patrons, grouping patrons with common destination areas, and coordinating with shared ride & limo operators as well as car rental operators. The airlines will also be notified and requested to inform arriving passengers.

The process will be overseen by Department of Aviation staff and cab starter contract personnel. The Dallas Police Love Field Unit is also informed of these plans and will monitor activities.

Now, to decide: Slobberbone and Centro-matic at the Kessler, topless magic tricks at The Lodge or dodging falling ammo in the backyard? Hard to choose.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.