C.J. Wilson and Supermodel Chanel Iman Will Get Your Rangers Panties in a Twist

Meant to get to this two days ago, when Texas Rangers Executive Vice President of Communications John Blake sent out the announcement, but it's not too late to make it to NorthPark Center by 1 p.m. That's when C.J. Wilson and Chanel Iman (well, hello) are scheduled to stop by Victoria's Secret to promote the underpants maker's line of Major League Baseball-wear tricked out for the womens.

The Texas Rangers went PINK back in March, but now you can buy the stuff in stores -- and better that "Caught Looking" jersey than the Claw & Antler tee, right, ladies? You'd best arrive early: Ceej and Chanel will snap photos with the first 100 in line. Which he reminded the faithful yesterday, tweeting during the rain delay that turned into a drown-out.

While you're waiting in line, may I also recommend this: Robbie Griffin's detailed breakdown of Monday night's 7-2 loss to Oakland, wherein he insists that home plate umpire Gerry Davis didn't do Wilson any favors by calling an inconsistent strike zone.

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