Click to embiggen ... if you dare.
Click to embiggen ... if you dare.
Photos by Jesse Sidlauskas

Clearly, The Most Popular Billboard in Dallas Today is the One Filled With Living Cockroaches

After lunch, we headed out to see that live cockroach billboard on display outside the Angelika Theater in Mockingbird Station and got a few close-ups of the creepy-crawlers for your viewing ... um ... pleasure? (There's video on the other side.) And, yes, some of the smaller roaches occasionally slipped through air holes to freedom. Luckily, a few nimble-fingered handlers, such as David Mead, were around to snatch them up and put them in a bucket for safe-keeping.

Between ordering lunch and bare-handing a potential runaway Red Racer cockroach, Mead explained that the five types of roaches used in the sign are typically fed to other pets. But that's not always the case.

"There are roach enthusiasts out there," Mead said.

The buggy letters spelling out "E. Coli" are on display till around 6. Fun fact: The roaches are given 15-minute breaks in order to keep them from baking in the sun -- a sympathetic though ironic move for a pest-control ad.


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