Cliff Notes: Rangers Should Be in Seventh Heaven

Cliff Notes: Rangers Should Be in Seventh Heaven

Let me just say this one last thing about Cliff Lee and then we'll move on.

Maybe. Sorta. OK, probably not. Check that, definitely uh-uh.

Don't tell me the Texas Rangers tried hard. Don't tell me we should be proud of sitting at the big boys table. Don't tell me the Rangers did everything possible to get the most coveted pitcher in free agency and clearly their No. 1 target this off-season, because it just ain't true.

The fact is, Lee would be holding a press conference in Arlington today and pitching for the Rangers next season if Texas would have guaranteed him a seventh season.

Right, Chuck Greenberg?

If it took a seventh year just to land Lee's services for four years, so be it. But, OK, whatever, the Rangers kept their cool, stayed within their comfort zone and didn't mortgage the future.


You'll have to tell me the details about the Rangers taking down the 2010: "World Series" banner at the Ballpark and replacing it with 2011: "We Made Budget," 'cuz I ain't interested.

The reward for not landing Lee: The Rangers are not only not favorites to win the American League next season, they currently have the third-best pitching staff in their own dang division behind Anaheim and Oakland. Even Seattle has an established No. 1 ace in Felix Hernandez.

Now, grudgingly - kicking and screaming - on to Plan B ...


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