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Clint Hurdle Gone. Batter Up?!

Neftali Feliz is the American League Rookie of the Year. Deservedly so.

Cliff Lee's Arkansas friends can't imagine him leaving Texas for New York. Fingers crossed.

But now Texas Rangers' hitting coach Clint Hurdle is the new manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates. What becomes of Josh Hamilton's toe-tapless swing?

I know attrition is sometimes usually a by-product of success, but this isn't a minor loss. Hurdle was a sounding board and more for Hamilton during what should be an MVP season (we'll find out November 23) and his more patient philosophy led to the Rangers becoming a more efficient offensive output in their memorable 2010.

So who's on deck?

I betcha Rangers' Hall of Famer Rusty Greer gets a call. As will Thad Bosley, also one of the four finalists last winter before manager Ron Washington settled on Hurdle.

You'd like to think the Rangers' core has learned that antlers + claw > home runs + fireworks, but this is an important hire.

Hurdle's presence will be missed. Here's hoping his philosophy sticks around.

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