Code Compliance Calling All Furries

I was looking for something extremely unrelated on the city's bids website when I came across what's referred to as an "informal solicitation," which is what landed Schutze in the county lockup in the early 1970s. And seeing as how we take and take and take from City Hall but so seldom give back, I thought I'd use Unfair Park to help out Code Compliance, which is in need of a mascot. Specifically:

Mascot costume for an anthropomorphic canine cartoon character to be worn by an individual 5' 6" to 6' 0" tall. Made for a person weighing approximately 185 lbs., with the following features: 1) Three dimensional facial features with the mascot mouth being open. A protruding yet non obstructive tail which should be short (nub). An oversized registration tag on the collar with visible lettering, constructed of crosslink foam, velvet loop fabric, and some sort of soft fur-like material which is dark tan or brown. 2) Additional accessories including: costume cooling system, custom carrying bag, and battery operated cooling fan.

Far as I'm concerned, this is a very formal solicitation.

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