Cohousing Comes to White Rock Lake? That's What This Here Web Site Says.

Just got an e-mail about a new housing development being planned at the intersection of Lake Highlands Drive and Easton Road -- pardon, a cohousing development -- called White Rock Crossing. The Web site says it'll involve the construction of 17 smallish, "eco-friendly" town homes that back up to the Dixon Branch Creek (which, last I saw, flooded quite a bit).

I've got calls out about this to, among others, Deborah Skinner (listed on the Web site as HOA president) and District 9 council rep Sheffie Kadane  -- lots of questions. But for those wondering about "cohousing," here's a piece from The New York Times in '08 about a similar project planned in Brooklyn, where developers envisioned the creation of a sort of "urban village" where "neighbors sit down to share meals several times a week, where children roam freely from home to home, and where grown-ups can hang out in a communal living room." That didn't happen, but there's one in, where else, bike-friendly Portland.

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