Cold Snap Proves Global Warning Is a Hoax, According to State Representative Bill Zedler

A polar vortex has a good chunk of the United States in its grasp, which, in layman's terms, means that it's cold -- absurdly, bone-chillingly cold. It's the kind of weather that socks you in the gut and takes your breath away, that overwhelms Texas' feeble electric grid.

Already, the chill has penetrated state Representative Bill Zedler's skull and prompted him to make a wildly misinformed pronouncement denying global warming.

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We don't have Al Gore's number, but we'll give it a shot. A polar vortex is a weather event in which the large pocket of cold air that typically sits atop the North Pole is shoved southward. Global warming refers to the increasing average temperature of the earth's climate, which has been well documented by researchers and is a matter of nearly universal scientific consensus.

What does it say, then, that Arlington's elected representative in the Texas House, not to mention Greg Abbott, the state's presumptive next governor, publicly dismisses the concept of man-made climate change? Nothing good, we're afraid.

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