Daniel Rodrigue
Colin Ross, some folks think you're just a "sincere kook."

Colin Ross and Unfair Park Insulted During the Same Podcast

I just knew we weren't done with Colin Ross just yet. Surely, you recall our favorite X-Man -- said he could get his mind to make a sound using eyebeams ... or something? Anyway, last week The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe podcast host Steven Novella posted a "special report" to the Web site in which he acknowledged his work with James Randi in disproving Ross' awesome power. The long and short of the lengthy podcast: Novella and his cohorts don't buy it, not for a second. Indeed, Novella brands Ross a "sincere kook." Only, Novella's docked points for using our video to make his point while referring to Unfair Park as a "stupid local news outlet." That theory cannot be proven. --Robert Wilonsky

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