Come for the Super Bowl. Stay for the Skiing.

Seven hours later and ... impressive. Unless you're, say, Sports Guy Bill Simmons, who shoots up this virtual flare: "20 degrees and snowing in Dallas. We need more sand on the streets!!! MORE SAND!" Salt too. Though one must admire my old friend -- and Super Bowl XLV North Texas Host Committee spokesman -- Tony Fay's optimism, shared by AOL moments ago: "We have extra snowplows and equipment ready just in case, but it seems like if it does snow it will be light and little significance." Meanwhile, TxDOT sends word: Its Austin office won't open till 10 "due to inclement weather."

I did hear Dunham and Miller read Pete Delkus's tweet of 6:30-ish a.m.: "We could have snow on superbowl sunday!!" Tap the brakes, Pete. The National Weather Service disagrees: "Temperatures should remain above freezing while any precipitation falls," at least says this morning's coin toss. Thirty-four and sunny in Pittsburgh today; slightly cooler in Green Bay.

The fresh powder brings with it fresh out-of-towners' complaints about weather, compounded by another one -- sprawl. Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington ranks at the top of this worst host city list: "This is not just because it's cold and freezing, but, unlike the Atlanta Super Bowl in 2000, events are way spread out."

And, and for the week-long housebound, this good news from City Hall:

Overnight snow, icy residential side streets and the continued frigid weather forecast have forced the City of Dallas Sanitation Services department to suspend garbage and recycling collection in the city until Monday, February 7.

Dallas Sanitation Services director Mary Nix says her teams have surveyed all of the department's routes and snow and ice still cover all the side streets and alleys in Dallas. "Rather than risk our heavy trucks losing traction and colliding with parked cars, fences, and other property, we're suspending garbage and recycling collection until Monday for the safety of all involved," Nix said.

But Frank Librio, PIO at City Hall, just sent this marked-urgent e-mail:
I am getting several calls that some media outlets are reporting that the City is closed today. The City is open for business. Some facilities (libraries and recreation centers) may experience delayed openings. Please report that the City is open and operating with the exceptions below:

Dallas Municipal Court trial dockets are cancelled. 1) All defendants will be notified of their reset date. 2) Jurors will not need to report for Dallas Municipal Court Jury duty. 3) The Proof or Plea Court will be open until 12 noon today.

Got that? Good. Now, look at all the pretty pictures. More from Justin's adventures at Fair Park, early this morning, follow.


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