Texas Sens. Cornyn and Cruz Debase Themselves at the Feet of Dear Leader

We think that's Sen. John Cornyn. Hard to tell him apart from all the other Trump brown-nosers.
We think that's Sen. John Cornyn. Hard to tell him apart from all the other Trump brown-nosers. Bobak Ha'Eri / Wikimedia Commons
At least John Cornyn has an excuse. President Donald Trump has never implied that the Texas senator's wife was ugly, or that his dad helped kill John F. Kennedy, as he has with Cornyn's Senate colleague and fellow Republican Ted Cruz. Still, it's been a little surprising how quickly Texas' senior senator has been to carry President Donald Trump's water after he gassed protesters and clergy in Washington, D.C., so he could walk to a bizarre photo op and threatened to send the military into U.S. cities.

"I think the president is sending a strong and correct message that we will not tolerate (property damage and theft by protesters) under any circumstances," Cornyn told Fox News Tuesday.

Stopping here to note that Cornyn never said anything remotely similar about the long-gun toting white guys who showed up at state capitols around the country after they were told to stay home during the pandemic.

In a separate interview with CNN, Cornyn said Trump's decision to clear a path through peaceful protesters with tear gas and rubber bullets so he could go hold a Bible upside down and take a photo in front of St. John's Episcopal Church was "a necessary security measure" because the protesters did not clear the area when they were asked to do so.  Similarly, Cruz, who does not have the excuse of the president having been nice to him, backed up Trump. To Cruz, peaceful protesters angry over police violence in the United States apparently are the same as looters doing property damage in American cities. They're domestic terrorists, same as white supremacist groups and mass shooters. Cruz also compared antifa, the overarching name given to groups opposing white supremacists and their ilk, to the KKK and Nazis. At least he doesn't hold a grudge.
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