Council Votes Not to Suspend Its Rules, Which Means Jasso's New Map Won't Get Look-See

In the end, the most surprising part of this afternoon's discussion at City Hall over whether to suspend the rules and allow redistricting brought back to the horseshoe is that there was no discussion at all. Sure, a few speakers came to the mic, among them Roy Williams and Marvin Crenshaw, the men whose lawsuit led to 14-1. And, sure, Delia Jasso had some things to say about her new map, such as:

"I am here today, colleagues, only to appeal to you to open the discussion. I did submit a map, but I am open to tweaking in the Oak Cliff areas. I don't think anything more than that needs tweaking. We have an opportunity to make sure more than nine people can support a map with tweaks."

But that was that. Jasso, who wants to move Scott Griggs out of District 1, made the motion to suspend the rules, Monica Alonzo seconded it, and a vote was taken. And Jasso could only find four council members to support her motion: Alonzo, Griggs, Angela Hunt and Sandy Greyson. The rest of the council, including Mayor Mike Rawlings, voted no. (Pauline Medrano, who's out of town on official business, didn't cast a vote.) So, that's that. For now. Not forever.

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