Counting Down the Many Highlights of This Rangers Season Before First Pitch of the ALDS

Doesn't seem like that long ago we were just here: trying to work and watch a Rangers post-season game. Today's extended dance remix of the 2011 major league season starts at 4:07 this afternoon at the Ballpark in Arlington, with Texas, for the first time ever, facing Rays rookie Matt Moore, who has but just 9.1 innings pitched to his credit to go along with a 2.89 ERA. That isn't among the reasons ESPN's Jayson Stark is picking Texas to go all the way; matter of fact, in his email newsletter sent this morning, Jamey Newberg warns that Moore "may be the game's best pitching prospect." Still, this year's Rays have barely touched C.J. Wilson, managing just 10 hits and and eight walks in 75 plate appearances during the regular season.

But before first pitch, above you'll find a gift sent by a Friend of Unfair Park this morning: the Top 30 plays of the Rangers' 2011 season, for those with 17 minutes to spare this morning. On the other side is MLB's Rangers regular-season recap, shorter but no less thrilling.

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Robert Wilonsky
Contact: Robert Wilonsky