Courtesy Richardson's Robot Man, David Byrne Now Comes With Extra Odd

David Byrne's sketch for Julio, the singing robot created by Dr. David Hanson

They ain't answering the phone this afternoon over at Hanson Robotics in Richardson this afternoon. Makes sense: Dr. David Hanson's no doubt in Madrid at this very moment, with head Talking Head David Byrne, as the twosome prep their "Máquinas y Almas" (or, "Machines and Souls") exhibition opening tomorrow at the Museo de Arte Reina Sofia.

Byrne, who posted about his love affair with the DFW's "gracefully curving highways" in March, earlier this month posted a lengthy essay about the concept behind the exhibition, which involves having a robot named Julio sing using Byrne's distinctive voice. And the accompanying video, notes Byrne, "definitely demonstrates the creepiness factor at work!" Enjoy, then, a sneak peek at what the Spanish will see first-hand beginning tomorrow through October 13. Which now gives me an excuse, days after the fact, to post this summer jam ... --Robert Wilonsky

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