Cowboys 16, Chargers 14: My Top 10 Observations

10. I'm out of excuses/reasons/explanations. Any theories as to why - still - quarterback Tony Romo and receiver Roy Williams don't seem to be on the same page? Sometimes it's Romo overthrowing him and sometimes it's Williams falling down. Whatever, they just don't click.

9. Of all the linebackers drafted by Dallas last year, looks like Victor Butler will be the best. He produced Saturday's game-winning points with a sack-and-fumble.

8. Pushed by Jesse Holley for a roster spot, Sam Hurd made a nice pitch to stick around with a special teams tackle and his catch of the  only four passes thrown his way. Still, is Hurd $1.3 million better than Holley?

7. You can complain about offensive coordinator Jason Garrett's third-and-one call in the first quarter - the rollout pass that Miles Austin dropped - but remember this: The Cowboys aren't yet game-planning. Their goal isn't to win games. It's to work on plays that may help them once the real games start. Geez. Some people.

6. I know we joke and goof-off around in here a lot, but let's say a little prayer today for former Cowboys' fullback Robert Newhouse. The human bowling ball is recovering from a stroke.

5. One thing's for certain, the Cowboys have found themselves a fourth cornerback. His name is Cletis Gordon. The former Charger joins Keith Brooking and Igor Olshansky as former Wade Phillips' players who can still play in Dallas. Maybe Wade knows talent after all.

4. I know it's early, but rookie linebacker Sean Lee looks like a player. Yes?

3. Couple thoughts on the 80-yard fumble return in the second quarter. Did Barry Church really run out of gas? Seriously? He's a safety, not a nose tackle. Looked like he had just run 800 yards, not 80. And what the what was Anthony Spencer doing? A shot to cleanly plow over San Diego's Pro Bowl quarterback and he just sorta jogs by doing, um, nothing.

2. When Martellus Bennett cherishes football over fame, the results can be scary. More tight end. Less "Kung Fu Astronaut."

1. Main negative to the preseason isn't the lackluster offense, but more so the injuries. With the addition of starting strong safety Gerald Sensabaugh (dislocated left shoulder), that's now four starters - along with Marcus Spears, Marc Colombo and Kyle Kosier - who might not be ready for the September 12 opener at Washington. And I almost forgot about Dez Bryant.

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