Cowboys 26, Chiefs, 20, Sighs 1,000,000

10. Say what you will about the Cowboys' lack of execution, their enthusiasm and effort was impressive. Keith Brooking. Jay Ratliff. Tashard Choice. They didn't always play well, but you can't say they didn't play hard.   

9. I even liked - for a change - the report just before halftime by Fox's Pam Oliver. She said the Cowboys were grousing about the game, using words like "joke" and "embarrassing." I hope/think she was right.

8. Maybe I'm weird, but I kinda like the Cowboys' blue-n-white throwback uniforms. They look triple more physical in them. Or maybe that was just because they were playing Kansas City.

7. Seriously, what is up with all the pre-snap timeouts? That's 7th Grade shit, man. 

6. How the hell are the Denver Broncos 5-0? Doesn't necessarily make me feel better about last week's loss, just makes me wonder what the hell is going on. I'm still not convinced Kyle Orton is worth a dang.

5. Best line of the day came from Troy Aikman on his assessment of the crappy Chiefs: "This is pretty pitiful."

4. I can't remember a more outstanding individual play on special teams than Jay Ratliff's blocked field goal. He leaped over two linemen, blocked a field goal and perhaps saved a season.

3. 13 penalties. Two more turnovers. A missed field goal. Three burned timeouts. Trailing the Chiefs 13-3. The Cowboys are 3-2, but their coaching is 0-5.

2. Meanwhile, out on the fantasy planet where Terrell Owens and his irrationally stubborn backers still think No. 81 is an impact player, the performer formerly known as T.O. had four catches for 44 yards. His Buffalo Bills scored three points. In a loss to the Cleveland Browns. They are 1-4. He is tied for 102nd with 12 measly catches. Winter in upstate New York is on the horizon. Dee-lish-shush!!

1. Welcome to the NFL, Miles Austin. 10 catches. A record 250 yards receiving. Two touchdowns. Better (and bigger) late than never, eh?

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.