Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys 27, Packers 16

Marion Barber and the Cowboys dove into a relatively easy win at Lambeau Field.

*Been predicting this (12:58 entry) for almost a year now. But when the Cowboys finally called a Patrick Crayton pass, it was a harmless floater into double coverage that was almost intercepted. Hardly worth the wait.

*Sorry, but John Madden sucks. His points are either simpleton stupid (“You have to love Wisconsin. You have to love Green Bay.”), ultra-obvious (“I mean, Jason Witten is a football player.”) or just plain hollow. Watching a replay of a second-half scuffle in which Cowboys’ tight end Martellus Bennett gets his helmet ripped off, Madden states, “I don’t see anything there for a penalty.”) Really? Still with the Madden?

*Just when I was prepared to say that Anthony Henry isn’t a good tackler – a good hitter, but not a good tackler – he comes up with not one, but two sacks. His first in 104 NFL games, mind you.

*Since his 72-yard touchdown against the Eagles last Monday night, in his last seven quarters Terrell Owens has only four catches for 34 yards. Ominous or aberration?

*Was it just me or could we barely hear Madden and Al Michaels? Maybe it was my surround sound acting screwy, but I had minimal M&M and maximum crowd noise at my house.

*Packers’ coach Mike McCarthy puts a pen in the strap of his cap on the back of his head. God I hope I’m never in a position where my pockets are that full. Or perhaps, just maybe, it’s an alert to let the world see just how much of a hands-on, hard worker he is. Yeah, I think that’s probably it.

*Considering the six points Pittsburgh rang up yesterday, Dallas’ 41 against the Eagles last week looks pretty impressive.

*Lambeau schmanbeau. But you gotta admit that sea of waving “G” flags looked pretty cool.

*With Miles Austin’s arrival, anyone still give a damn about Terry Glenn’s departure?

*When NBC shows a player bio, why do they have the player looking down, then sorta faux dramatically slowly look up? That crap reeks more soap opera than football.

*I know this one could land me a gig at the Dallas Obviouser, but Tony Romo’s got to chill it down in the Red Zone. I remember watching him throw an interception in the end zone against the Texans in the preseason and thinking, “No biggie, it’s the preseason.” But he’s now got two of those brain farts in three games. Counting his fumble in the end zone against the Eagles that's three horrible decisions in three weeks. But who's counting?

*Aaron Rodgers is no Brett Favre. Except for that annoying tic of unsnapping his chin strap immediately after every single play. That part, he’s got down pat.

*Did you find yourself thinking, “Damn, I miss Roy Williams!” Me neither. Considering most of their five sacks were the product of blanket secondary coverage, doubtful the Cowboys did either.

*Like you probably did, I didn’t start watching the game until around 8 p.m., so I could steer the DVR around and through the commercials. But I’m wondering – and maybe I should get this idea patented – how long it’s going to be before advertisers get smart and start sponsoring our fast forwards? I mean, really, while you’re fast-forwarding through the commercials you’re really concentrating on the screen. Which, to me, seems a great time to have an Old Spice logo pop up.

*The smug Michaels began his evening telling us that the Cowboys have scored 79 points in their first two games. Really? 28 + 41 = 79? Hmm.

*Felix Jones looks like a 78rpm vinyl record on a 33rpm turntable. And, to think, some of us media dorks wanted the Cowboys to draft this guy instead.

*Or, take everything I’ve said and trash it. Because what do I know? I took the Packers. -- Richie Whitt

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