Cowboys 35, 49ers 22

The good news: Terrell Owens put up.

The bad news: Now he'll never shut up.

With the smoke not yet cleared from his obnoxious -- but not even a little bit surprising -- interview with instigator Deion Sanders on NFL Network, T.O. produced his best day in a Cowboys' uniform. Finally getting open and actually making catches, Owens amassed 213 yards including a 75-yard touchdown that woke up a sleepy start against the tremendously sucky San Francisco 49ers.

As expected, the Cowboys whipped an inferior opponent. Do it again against the Seahawks on Turkey Day and they'll be 8-4 and peaking into December.


Tony Romo is back to buying time with his feet and making plays with his arm. The Cowboys actually got a positive special teams play (from someone named Carlos Polk). And, out of nowhere really, Owens is again a legit threat. (Sorry dude, but you were a tad mistaken.)

On and off the field.

"We can't obtain that championship if I'm not involved in the offense," Owens told Sanders last week. "For me to have the numbers that I have and not really being involved, it is discouraging. It is frustrating, but what can I do?"

What can he do? For starters, zip it. And, like today, catch it.

Is it just me, or does watching T.O. be so happy make you wanna go take a shower? -- Richie Whitt

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