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Cowboys Have 5 Pro Bowlers Not Named Tony Romo

The Dallas Cowboys' Pro Bowl representation dwindled from 11 players last year to 5 this afternoon. Will their win total similarly decline from 13 to 11? ... 10? ... 9?


Tight end Jason Witten, center Andre Gurode, nose tackle Jay Ratliff, linebacker DeMarcus Ware and right guard Leonard Davis were named to the NFC Pro Bowl squad. All but Davis are starters.


Last year the Cowboys had 11 players named to the team and two more added because of injuries.


The most glaring Cowboys omission is ...


Quarterback Tony Romo who, despite missing three games with an fractured pinkie, has the NFC's best touchdown-to-interception ratio (+13) and is highly regarded (5th) in these most scientific of quarterback rankings.


Kurt Warner was named NFC starting quarterback, backed up by Drew Brees and Eli Manning.


We know Terrell Owens - man, he must be sooo embarrassed/jealous that Witten is headed to Hawaii - and his paltry season didn't get screwed. How 'bout Romo? - Richie Whitt


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