Cowboys-Raiders: 5 Things to Watch For

Wait a minute, didn't the Dallas Cowboys just play a game? A meaningless game?

Sure enough. But just four days after Cowboys 16, Bengals 7 they're at it again tonight against the Oakland Raiders at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. With the Cowboys massively banged up tonight's goal is to remain healthy.

Other stuff to watch:

5. Jon Kitna - We know Stephen McGee isn't ready, but the Cowboys' backup needs to show us something. The chances of Tony Romo again taking every single snap are slim. Kitna should get 25 snaps tonight.

4. Felix Jones - Pre-season or not, no more fumbles. Deal?

3. Al Davis - The ferocious fossil in the stinky white windbreaker has all but lost it. These days he's comparing quarterback Jason Campbell to Jim Plunkett and calling these Raiders his best team since 1980. Problem is, Davis thinks it's only 1981.

2. Jason Witten - With John Phillips out for the season and Martellus Bennett still a talented goofball bathed in untapped potential and a balky ankle, the Cowboys can't afford to get him hurt. The less you hear from him, the better.

1. David Buehler - He made three of four against Cincinnati but duck-hooked a 49-yard field goal. The kicking job remains his to lose.

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