Cowboys Training Camp 8.2.10: My Top 10 Observations

10. Dez Bryant, wearing a walking boot on his sprained right ankle, made several nice plays in Monday's only workout. But he wasn't on the receiving end, but rather the passing end. Bryant threw left-handed passes to receivers, who in a seemingly lazy drill attempted to make one-hand catches.

9. Hey look, on the sideline in shorts, it's former Cowboys' defensive end Charles Haley. Didn't notice him without his five Super Bowl rings or trademark scowl. Back in the '90s he used to refer to me - loudly, from across the Valley Ranch locker room - as Richie Shitt. Funny guy.

8. If I had to rate the general intensity of Cowboys' training camp, it would be like a 4.2. Nothing - and I mean nothing - is done with a sense of urgency. Every once in a while you hear secondary coach Dave Campo bark. But other than that, it's more the sound of minds learning rather than pads popping. Hard to argue with Wade's early-season success though, isn't it?

7. Tony Romo disappeared for a minute at the start of practice. Seems nature called. Romo quickly jogged into an Alamodome bathroom, where he encountered a random fan. Quipped random fan, "That was as close as I'll ever get to Jessica Simpson."

6. Roy Williams still getting the business from San Antonio fans. Yesterday he caught a pass from backup quarterback Jon Kitna, only to have Terence Newman strip him of the ball. All to a chorus of boos and "c'mon Roy, get your head out!"

5. Everywhere he goes - whether in The Alamodome or on the Riverwalk - Jerry Jones carries a lamenated roster.

4. Already tired of Marion Barber's exaggerated gyrations. After separate runs Monday he got up and spun the ball, spiked the ball and made a prolonged first-down arm gesture. The Cowboys, of course, do not full-speed tackle during camp. Sorry, but Barber looks ridiculous celebrating modest runs against half-ass defense.

3. Screw Kim Kardashian. Kicker David Buehler's girlfriend, Britney, is straight out of a USC song-girl sweater. She has more curves than Schlitterbahn.

2. How did Romo and Jason Witten spend their Sunday night with an extended 1 a.m. curfew in San Antonio? Taking public relations' director Rich Dalrymple out for his 50th birthday. If you watch Entourage, you know Dalrymple.

1. Wade Phillips exudes a different vibe these days. Maybe it's the 40 pounds he dropped in the off-season. Maybe it's the giant monkey he ripped off his back last year in last year's playoff win. Perhaps it's because schmucks like me no longer call him "Stumbledoofus." Whatever, this was Wade's humor on display Monday: Sitting in a golf cart after practice, Cowboys' iconic voice Brad Sham asked if Phillips was going to say anything interesting in his post-practice press conference. Dead-panned Wade, "Yeah, I guess I'll have to talk about our trade." Trade? We all perked up. "Y'all didn't hear? We traded Romo today." Touche.

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