Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys vs. Bears is ... Affordable?

If you want to go to Sunday's Dallas Cowboys'  home opener against the Chicago Bears, good news:

Over at StubHub there are more than 2,000 tickets available.

And, get this, they are cheaper than 2009.

The current average ticket price is $209, actually down from last year's $222.

Party passes are available at $40 and the most expensive seat is $9,000, Hall of Fame Suite level, section 138.

Oh yeah, the bad news:

The Cowboys need to improve or they'll be 0-2 for the first time since ...

Dave Campo's sorry outfit in 2001.

My areas of urgent attention include:

1. Better offensive line play - This can be achieved through the healthy returns of Kyle Kosier and Marc Colombo or the immediate release of Alex Barron. (Curious, who is more hated in the metroplex as of today: Alex Rodriguez or Alex Barron?)

2. Run the damn run - If Felix Jones averages only 10 touches per game the Cowboys will miss the playoffs and Jason Garrett will be fired.

3. David Buehler - Missed field goals change the tenor of games. Without an NFL resume to fall back on, he's kicking on thin ice.

4. When in doubt, kneel - Ay carramba!

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