Wake me up when the Cowboys lose to the Redskins.

Cowboys – Y-A-W-N – Lose Another Preseason Game

I’ll make you a bet. On the morning of Dec. 14, hours before the Cowboys host the New York Giants, you won’t be able to recall even two of the opponents on Dallas’ preseason schedule, much less any of the scores.

You’ll also furrow your brow quizzically if, four months from now, I mention names like Keon Lattimore, Rodney Hannah or Richard Bartel.

So, really, why worry now?

Sure the Cowboys are 0-2 in exhibitions for the first time since 2001 after their uninspired loss to the Broncos in Denver Saturday night. But so what? I remember in 1989 chronicling a 3-1 in the preseason, only to watch them pratfall to a 1-15 regular season.

If the Cowboys were baking cookies, they just dropped one of the 200 chocolate chips on the floor for 0.2 seconds. Let's go ahead and make the batch anyway, shall we?

Linebacker Bradie James says “We’re not ready for the season” and linear columnists like this one are basically pushing the panic button. Good. Gawd. Honestly, I’d be much more consternated if Dallas was clicking on all cylinders, seemingly peaking in mid-August.

The whole preseason is about staying healthy and making sure guys like Zach Thomas and Pacman Jones can still play the game. From what I saw Saturday night:

*Broncos’ quarterback Jay Cutler sucks less than he did last year.

*Pacman will break at least one punt return for a touchdown when it counts.

*Miles Austin might turn out to be a little better than mediocre. If and when he gets healthy, that is.

That’s it. Take anything deeper from a preseason game at your own peril.

Remember December. -- Richie Whitt

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