"Crazy White Mother" Doug Havard Is Back to Face Charges in Dallas. Only Took Nine Years.

Over the weekend news broke that Doug Havard is back in the country -- nine years after the former SMU student was arrested on charges of counterfeiting, selling GHB and armed robbery, but bullet points on a longer laundry list of crimes of which he's been accused. Havard was extradited from England, where, in June 2004, the former Winston School student was arrested by the National Hi-Tech Crime Unit and police and charged, per this history lesson, "with possession of an illegal firearm, carrying a phony Spanish passport and possession of 17,700 euros in counterfeit traveler's checks." He got six years in prison.

But now, finally, he's back and ready to stand charges on federal passport fraud. He's repped by former U.S. Attorney for the Northern District Paul Coggins, who says Havard's refusal to fight extradition is "a pretty good signal that we should be able to reach a resolution to get something worked out ... and avoid a trial." Reason I mention all of this: Back in 2002 and again in '04, we ran two cover stories about Havard: "Crazy White Mother," followed by the sequel "The Devil Next Door," in which one undercover officer who spent years chasing him said of Havard, "I liken the kid to the guy in the movie Catch Me If You Can."

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Robert Wilonsky
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