Creationists, Claiming "Viewpoint Discrimination," Are Not Done Fighting With State Education Board

As you're no doubt aware, the Institute for Creation Research wanted the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to let the joint hand out master's degrees in science -- and failed at the end of April. Which doesn't mean the Royal Lane-based institute's giving up: Today, Henry Morris, the institute's CEO, notes that it has filed a petition with the THECB in which it's claiming "viewpoint discrimination." And the boss is asking the faithful to "consider writing a graciously-worded letter to your state legislators and senators, Governor Rick Perry, and the U.S. representatives from your area, as well as Senators Kay Bailey Hutchinson and John Cornyn." Oh, and to "please pray for God's intervention and our careful due process as we seek to right this wrong and pave the way for other Christian schools to function freely."

Also noted in the same posting: the institute's reasons for moving from California to Dallas. As in, "We have been able to recruit top-level faculty and operational personnel to an affordable and family-friendly environment in a region that still respects and desires Christian ministries." Oh, and elsewhere on the site, turns out they're mighty pissed off at Steve Blow. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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