Cross Stitch: Yes, Indeed, Hobby Lobby's Behind Proposed National Bible Museum

Ever since he first posted his item about Dallas getting the National Bible Museum, Jim's been tracking down the source of funding for this estimable project. And all arrows pointed in one direction: north, toward Oklahoma. Specifically, Hobby Lobby. As a matter of fact, Jim spoke with president Steve Green a few days ago, who said he'd call back when he had something official to announce.

Well, Jim need not wait by the phone any longer: Today Green, who's also the director of real estate, revealed that, yes, his family's company is behind the museum. Says Green, "We are committed to preserving the history of our faith and excited about the opportunity to share our collection with others through the development of the National Bible Museum." There's still no specific site mentioned, only a vague wait-and-see: "We are looking for at least 300,000 square feet of space and ample parking and have been evaluating various opportunities, including several in the Dallas area."

But city of Dallas spokesman Frank Libro did confirm last week that a group -- and he didn't say Hobby Lobby -- spoke to the city two years ago about using Reunion Arena for the site of the bible museum. Alas, Reunion Arena is now dead and buried -- ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Is it too late for a resurrection?

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