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Two cures for the frigid Friday blahs: the fantasy of next month’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, and the reality of this week’s -- wouldja believe? -- Dave Campbell’s Texas Football Winter 2008 issue. Yes, already.

We’ve just begun dipping our toe into Super Bowl XLII, and already we’re supposed to be jazzed for the ’08 season? OK, you got us. We’re jazzin'. Texas A&M’s loss to Penn State in the Alamo Bowl is only 27 days old, yet new coach Mike Sherman is on the mag’s mid-winter cover, along with new SMU coach June Jones. To whet your Mustang whistle: Quarterback Justin Willis should be perfect for Jones’ Run & Shoot offense.

A&M Consolidated recruit Andrew Ellison runs a 4.4 40-yard dash and will be the second-biggest (6-foot-2, 235 pounds) linebacker on campus immediately upon arrival. And, despite the elongated coaching search running off three verbal commitments to TCU, Idaho and UT-El Paso and the shooing away of Ralston Dews, Jones expects four of his major Hawaii signees to switch to SMU. Spring practices commence in T-minus 7 months … --Richie Whitt

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