Cuban and the Cubs: One Step Closer

At the bottom of this bad-news story concerning cutbacks, on staff and actual news, at Tribune Company-owned newspapers, among them The Los Angeles Times and The Chicago Tribune , it also mentions the Trib's impending sale of the Chicago Cubs. It notes that the books will be sent to prospective owners "in the next week," which means Mark Cuban, who's among the those in the hunt, can expect his, well, sometime in the next week. Cuban, on a Chicago sports-talk radio station today, reiterated his interest in purchasing the Cubbies and Wrigley Field. Because once he gets a look at the books, "Then I'll get to work. All the accountants will start doing their things. Hopefully I'll be in the mix. I think I have a shot." And then he explains why, at great length. --Robert Wilonsky


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