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A Dallas attorney's ad in a Savannah paper is an unpopular read following last week's sugar plant explosion.

Dallas Attorney Not Popular in Savannah This Morning. Not At All.

A week ago today was the explosion and fire at the Imperial Sugar Company refinery near Savannah, Georgia, which left eight dead, one missing and more than a dozen critically injured with severe burns. This morning one of the burn victims died at an area hospital, and as late as yesterday, fires were still burning inside the refinery.

Also raging: residents of Savannah, who yesterday morning opened the Savannah Morning News to find inside a full-page advertisement in which an attorney offers his services to families who want to sue the Texas-owned plant. And that attorney is Dallas-based: Says here and here that Jeffrey D. Slakter took out the advertisement, prompting responses along the lines of, "It's just sick, it hasn't been a week, running advertisements to sue." Reports the Associated Press, the ad "[details] Imperial's financial strength... says Imperial has attorneys and asks: 'Shouldn't you?'" --Robert Wilonsky


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