Dallas Cops Busted Four Cotton Bowl Ticket-Takers for Accepting Bribes During Texas-OU

In the lead up to this weekend's UT-Oklahoma matchup, there was talk that dispirited Longhorns fans weren't all that interested in watching their team get pummeled by the heavily favored Sooners. The evidence? Tickets for the burnt-orange side of the stadium were going for a paltry $209 each on the resale market, less than two-thirds the price fetched for the crimson side.

Nevertheless, the Red River Rivalry managed to sell out for the 68th consecutive year, the Cotton Bowl was deluged with 92,000-plus college football partisans, and those fans who weren't lucky enough to score tickets either retired to their televisions or hatched plots to find an alternative way to get into the stadium.

Several of the latter found some friendly ticket-takers who, in exchange for a modest bribe, allowed them to slip inside a couple of hours before kickoff.

What those ticket-takers didn't know when they accepted the cash was that they were being paid by undercover Dallas cops, though they figured this out rather quickly once the handcuffs emerged.

The police busted four people on misdemeanor theft of service charges: David Carolina, 49; Rochelle Cade, 59; Darren Lewis, 19; and Michael Wesley, 22. All four remain in Dallas County jail.

Thanks no doubt to the heroic efforts of DPD to keep the ticketless rabble from the stands, the game itself passed without incident -- except, of course, for the massive beat-down UT put on OU. That was borderline criminal.

(Note: This post has been changed to remove the name of an undercover police officer.)

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