Dallas County Election Judge Fired For Using Racial Slurs on Social Media

Dallas County Commissioners removed Randy Smith from his post as election judge of precinct 4070 in Oak Cliff Tuesday. Smith, who is also the Democratic chair for precinct 4070, referred to black people as "niggers" on Facebook last summer.

On July 12, Smith posted the following statements:

1. "why do people post so much crap on niggers when 3 yrs ago i was stabbed and almost lost my life because of one, i know there some good blacks no offence to them"

2. "i know some good blacks so i dont count them if i did it would be done on one hand"

At Tuesday's commissioner's court meeting Smith begged the commissioners to let him keep his job.

"I do admit that I said some things on Facebook, but I really feel that that was my personal opinion," Smith said. "I was not representing the county or representing the spot of an election judge. I do know that I was wrong, and I've deleted the Facebook account. I'm asking to at least consider — I've got almost 20 years experience and they always need election judges and workers — I'd ask for some kinda suspension not removal from office. At that time I didn't know what I was saying."

County Commissioner John Wiley Price interrupted Smith to ask him what exactly he said, so Price said, the record would be clear.

"I don't remember, honestly," Smith said, and county staff brought him an iPad for him to read the posts.

"I'll admit that was said, but sometimes people say things at the spur of the moment and later come to regret it," Smith said. "And that's basically what happened on this."

All four county commissioners and Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins voted to remove Smith.
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