Dallas County to Decide This Morning If It'll Try to Put a Stop to Warrior Dash

[Update at 3:47 p.m.: Dallas County Commissioners Court administrator Darryl Martin says he did indeed spend most of the afternoon meeting with Red Frog and Michael Cramer, who told me about an hour ago that it was all systems go. Maybe, maybe not, says Martin: "It appears they still have to get approval from the fire marshal and sheriff's department in Kaufman County. We were told most of the race will in unincorporated Kaufman County -- which is the opposite of the map on their Web site. They're planning a meeting with Kaufman County officials tomorrow -- the time hasn't been set yet -- which we will be attending." He says the TRO's "ready to go" and will be filed if, after the meeting tomorrow, Dallas County officials aren't satisfied that a majority of the Warrior Dash will take place in Kaufman County. Says Martin, "Stay tuned." But of course.]

So, yes -- at around 8 last night, we got word that the Warrior Dash could take place in Kaufman County if Red Frog, the race organizers, could find a suitable off-site parking spot for the 18,000 racers expected this weekend. But there's still a potential hitch that could keep the race from going off as scheduled.

I just spoke with Shannon Brown, the assistant Dallas County Commissioners Court administrator, who says that between 9 and 9:30 this morning, Commissioners Court administrator Darryl Martin and representatives of the district attorney's office will meet to discuss filing an emergency restraining order that would prohibit the race from taking place. By no later than noon we should know if Dallas County is filing a restraining order.

"The county wants to make sure we understand the event and that all the safeguards are in place to make sure it's safe for all," Brown says. "And if that's not what we're looking at, that's a reason for us to consider getting it stopped." She says the county hasn't spoken to race organizers since last Friday, at which time county officials had "some comfort" with Warrior Dash and the way it was being run. But when Dallas County officials found out about the issues in Kaufman County, all bets were off -- even after the judge overturned the temporary restraining order in Kaufman County last night.

"Now we're not sure were parking is -- in Dallas County? Kaufman County?" says Brown. "Now we aren't sure what the plans are -- location, operations."

As always I will update accordingly.

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