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Dallas Cowboys' 2009 Draft Class = The Really Dirty Dozen

At the time - April 30, 2009 - I called the Dallas Cowboys' draft class of 2009 a "dirty dozen." And, no, it was a compliment.

Fast-forward to today and, unfortunately, it's uglier than ever.

Making room on the roster for a tight end in light of another injury to another tight end (Martellus Bennett's ankle might keep him out of Sunday's game at Minnesota), the Cowboys yesterday released '09 5th-round choice Michael Hamlin. His career production in Dallas boasts one tackle.

He is not alone.

Of the 12 players selected in '09 four have already been released and there's nothing to suggest any of the dozen are on the brink of being productive players, much less starters.

This was the draft, remember, that owner/general manager voluntarily diluted when he sent first- and third-round picks to Detroit for receiver Roy Williams and then continually traded down, eventually out of the second round on draft day. While Williams is suddenly looking like a player, the draft class he helped weaken is looking like an all-time bust.

3rd: Jason Williams - Because rookie Sean Lee is overwhelmed and Keith Brooking is 36, you might catch him playing in the Nickel here and there. But for the most part he's a special teamer.

3rd: Robert Brewster - Missed all of last season with a torn chest muscle and is inactive on game days.

4th: Stephen McGee - His shining moment so far was in this year's preseason finale. No reason to believe he's the quarterback of the future.

4th: Victor Butler - A spot player, but nowhere near good enough to even hint at pushing outside linebackers DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer.

4th: Brandon Williams - After missing last season with a torn ACL he's mostly inactive on game days.

5th: DeAngelo Smith - Cut in '09 training camp.

5th: Michael Hamlin - Cut Tuesday after making all of one tackle as a Cowboy.

5th: David Buehler - The best of is the worst, he's a kickoff specialist who's a wobbly 6 of 9 on field goals this season.

6th: Stephen Hodge - Because of injuries he's yet to play his first down as a Cowboy.

6th: John Phillips - Just when he was emerging as a significant contributor the tight end tore his ACL.

7th: Mike Mickens - Cut in '09 traning camp.

7th: Manny Johnson - Receiver from OU still hanging around on the practice squad.

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