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Dallas Cowboys' Final 53-Man Roster: Worst Draft Ever?

For the most part, the Dallas Cowboys' pre-season was smooth. Drama and injury free. Productive. Refreshing.

There were only a couple surprises when the final 53-man roster was set Saturday afternoon. (For what it's worth, my pre-camp roster projections had a whopping 11 errors. Oops.)

Mainly, this year's draft class is even worse than we suspected. And most of us - me anyway - predicted back in April it would be crappy.

Only six of the 12 picks made the opening day roster and none is pushing for a starting job other than kick-off specialist David Buehler's niche role. Yikes. How bad is it? Reality show star/practice squadder Jesse Holley will have more impact on this year's team than injured top choices Jason Williams and Robert Brewster.

Did a little research on past Cowboys' drafts and, sure enough, this is one of the worst. Unless something shocking happens this will be only the sixth time in franchise history the Cowboys don't come away with a front-line producer in the draft, something they've often accomplished with even a mid- or late-round pick.

The worst of the worst ...

'71: The first pick was Tody Smith of Southern Cal. Only four of the 17 picks make the roster.

'86: Remember Mike Sherrard and Darryl Clack? No impact players among 14 selections.

'95: Drafting for backups, they whiff on Sherman Williams, Kendell Watkins and Eric Bjornson.

'96: Kavika Pittman and Randall Godfrey head an ugly class that produced no long-term starters.

'00: Desperate for secondary help, Dwayne Goodrich, Kareem Larrimore and Mario Edwards offer zero help.

'09: Only six of 12 picks make final roster and only three will be on the field Sunday in Tampa.

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